How To Plan My Life

10/23/2013 11:49:00 pm


Before I start, I pray that my blog readers here are in the pink of health. Insyaallah. Amin. My topic in this post is "How To Plan My Life". This post was requested by my close friends, who constantly keep themselves updated about my progress in educating the people around me and the extended network. Therefore, this goes to Diana Syahidayu and Muhammad Filzuan. Thank you for your ideas.

In my line of job, I have met various individuals from different backgrounds, different characters, different stage of life and of different understanding on managing their wealth and life. I am sure that each individual knows how to plan their life, but it is a matter of disciplining oneself on how to achieve their goals as planned. I was taught since young that "Nothing waits for us if we do not work for it and towards it. Do it today or now, because you never know what tomorrow or the next minute will be.".

I remembered back in November 2012, when I was in my final semester in Nanyang Polytechnic, I asked myself what I would like to do after I graduate in March 2013. I remembered telling afew of my lecturers which I am close with, that I am keen in helping people especially in managing their wealth, which is related to my course of study, Diploma in Fund Management and Administration. The recommendations they offered me was Wealth Manager or Relationship Manager. They pre-empt me that I am required to sit for examinations in order to be a licensed financial advisory agent. To cut my story short, alhamdulillah, I have managed to obtain my license(its expensive for someone like me who just graduated and relies on my own savings) and doing what I have planned. This journey I chose is actually a risk of letting go of an opportunity, between opting to continue to my degree or to be a Relationship Manager. As the eldest in the family, I forgo the option of furthering my studies, in order to let my younger sister achieve her goals in life and grow to be a successful person like me, her role model.

Since we are at this topic on 'How To Plan My Life', first and foremost I would like to emphasize that 'Failure in planning, leads to planning to fail'. This serves as a reminder not only to myself but also to everyone.

There are different stages in life. They are the following:

As we can see, different stages in life, individuals have different needs. I understand that most of us gets confused with our Needs and Wants, and normally would resort into fulfilling our Wants instead. To curb this mentality, here is the definition of Needs and also Wants.

Urgent want, as of something requisite. (

To feel a need, a desire for; wish for. (

I hope that the definition given as above mentioned, have cleared your doubts or confusion that all of you had before this. Getting back to the main topic, there is actually no exact recipe which suits every individual in order to be successful in reaching their goals, as an individual's life may be subjected to different factors which differs from others. 

What an individual can do is, to list down your goals in life, starting from now till your retirement age. It is never too early or too late to start planning. You can list it down on paper, or do it on any software which enables you to list down your thoughts and goals. As for myself, I did my own Personal and Financial Planning on an Excel Spreadsheet, complete with a Monthly Income and Expenditure, to track on my finance. 

If you are keen on knowing how to do it, feel free to drop me an email, so that I can assist you accordingly. Do not worry, I provide a complete Wealth Management services at no cost and there is no obligation. As my trainer have provided a motto "I do not provide the services that you do not Need, you do not Want or you do not Know".

Based on my experience with my clients, the usual ones are planning for the following:
1) Childrens' Education/Further Study
2) Wedding
3) Retirement
4) Fresh Graduate
5) Haji/Umrah savings plan

I will continue in the next few blog entries, which will be much detailed for each stages in life, based from real life cases. I will also share with all of you, the things I have learnt from various seminars/talks that I have attended. I have attended seminar by CPF-Coffee Talk, Mendaki Graduates' 2013, Islamic Banking Seminar Series-Concept of Wealth in Islam, and Faraid:The Islamic Inheritance Law. Stay tuned!


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  1. Awesome post babe! Its detailed yet at the same time concise and the way you end it makes me interested to read the next post! Keep it up! :)))) - diana syahidayu

  2. This is interesting. But when should one actually start planning for each stage of life? Or did i miss out the post?

    1. It is never too early or too late to start at any stage of your life. Maybe you can look into these two previous post: 1) 2)



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