Talk Summary: Q&A On Money Matters (8 May 2016) @ Guthrie Building

5/16/2016 07:04:00 am


Assalamu'alaikum my dear loyal blog readers,

Last Sunday, 8th May 2016, my team and I had our very first talk at Guthrie Building, "Q&A On Money Matters".

It was alhamdulillah, great audience who spare some time to come down and get their doubts cleared by seeking solution from us. Thank you audience for the great feedback and we look forward to hosting our next event, in syaa Allah, on 14th August 2016.

My key take away from the talk, (for your information, I am the youngest in my All About Money (AAM) Team), from a young person point of view, this talk somehow widen my perspective of life. My sentence for the day was: "There is more to life.". I have been exposed to middle networth and high networth clients back then in my insurance and banking days.

During those days, I learnt that the basic of financial planning was not fulfilled for majority of the people... Which is having Emergency Savings and also hospitalization insurance. However, during the talk, I discovered that there are people out there who are facing financial difficulty which unable them to fulfill the basic of financial planning. If I can draw a graph of an individual's life, it would look something like this:

With this, my team and I would like to further reach out to the community to provide support, motivation, education and solution to every individual in terms of financial literacy. Don't be shy or afraid to seek help. Sign up for our next talk on the 14th August 2016. See you there. In syaa Allah. Aamiin.

PS: I would like to invite you to do a survey on: Study on I-Finance Journey Blogreaders/FB Pagereaders here: Click for Survey. Thank you.

"Hold my hand, walk beside me, in syaa Allah, we'll achieve our goals together." - Nurfarhanah Jasni

Photo Credits to: Phototeknik Ink
The panelists (From left, Audi, Azmi, Zarina, Myself, Miss Q and Mdm Kadariah)

Our participants for the day. Thank you for coming! :)


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My objective of creating this page is to reach out to more people, to educate about Islamic Finance and Individual Finance, share tips on financial planning and also be able to answer to everyone's queries. So, feel free to share this page and ask me questions. Let's share the knowledge and practice them together. In syaa Allah. Aamiin.