Investment Trading (Add-On to Seminar: Steps To Start Your Investment Journey From Ground Zero by Azmi Zainal)

4/03/2016 02:50:00 pm


Assalammualaikum my dear blogreaders. I managed to spend my Saturday (26 March 2016) afternoon for an Investment talk.

I remembered that I was first exposed to Investments back then in Nanyang Polytechnic-Diploma in Fund Management and Administration. I start learning to trade financial instruments such as Stocks, FOREX and others which I have not learn to trade (ETF, REITs, Options, Derivatives, Commodities, Bonds, Bills), during my Teaching Enterprise Programme (TEP)-Financial Services Resource Centre (FSRC).

Based from the event, I must warn you that, before you embark into your Investment journey, you must first be educated in the basics of investing, understanding the technical aspects of the investment and the risk that you will face during the process. Not only that, you will also need to be aware of the investment climate (situation), whereby knowing the latest current issues and forecasting of future events is important when making effective investment decisions.

There are various organisations that provide Investment Trading platforms, workshops and seminars out there which I have gone during my Polytechnic days (SGX, Kim Eng, Phillips Securities, CIMB Securities and others). Before applying for the Trading Platforms, try out the Demo and find out the commission fees. Do not forget to apply for your CDP account.

Still wondering what is Investments? Check this previous blogpost here and here. Here is for those who wish to know the Ethical (Syariah) requirements.

If you wish to trade in Ethical stocks, download Ideal Ratings app (Apple and Android) on your mobile, in order to screen the stocks.

In need of quick updates or information on the company stocks or other financial securities, you can try checking on Bloomberg Professional app (Apple and Android).

Happy trading everyone!


Here are some of the pictures taken by Phototeknik Ink:
 With the Investment participants
 Introduction of some of the All-About-Money (AAM) Team members.
Azmi, Investment Advisor from AAM Team

Keep on a lookout for more upcoming events/seminars/workshops:
See you soon! :)

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