Time is Money

3/07/2016 08:40:00 pm


Assalammualaikum my dear blogreaders.

In my previous blogpost, I ended my entry with listing your bad habits you need to stop doing and good habits you need to continue doing and also your personal and financial goals. It is a process of detoxing one's mind by the act of removing bad habits, stimulation of the brain to go into thinking and planning process, followed by taking action/execution of plans. A bit of psychology here, but I try to keep things simple. Let's check ourselves again, is our mind already being RESET? No? Think happy thoughts. or Yes? Let's carry on.

As promised, in this blog I will be covering on Lifestyle. Some might wonder, "What does one's Lifestyle got to do with Finance/Wealth Management?". Right?

Think again, what did you do the whole of yesterday and fill in the answers to the following:

1) How much money being spent?
2) What did you spent on and for what purpose?
3) How much time wasted on non-beneficial activities to personal growth?
4) Did you list down the list of task that you are required to do?
5) Did you complete the list of task?

Have you heard this saying: "Time is Money." or "Masa itu Emas." ?

Have you read Surah Al-Asr (1 to 3:103) and understand the meaning?

Source: Quran Explorer

I remember reading this surah after every religious related events. It serves as a constant reminder to all of us of the importance of Time, in our life.

Have you ever felt that time fly past very fast and we kept wondering what have we done during those times. Have you asked yourself, did you fill up your time with meaningful activities? Yes? No?

I'll let you ask yourself for now. I will continue in the next blogpost insyaallah.


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