Part 2:Public Speaking Experience @ Menjana Masa Depan Yang Cerah Forum @ NKF Kim Keat Road, 15 November 2015.

12/04/2015 11:59:00 pm


Assalammualaikum to all my loyal blogreaders.

Thank you for waiting patiently for the new blogpost. I am definitely excited to share more information and experiences with all of you. So, here goes...

I last stop in the previous blogpost about understanding "What is Financial Planning?" and "The Basics of Financial Planning: Conventional and Islamic".

In this blogpost, I will continue with "Understanding Needs and Wants" and "Financial & Life Plan for different stages of life".

During my public speaking session, I asked a simple question to the audience, "Can any of you tell me what is Needs and what is Wants?"... I got responses that it's either they are too shy to share or they do not know or they just do not like the idea that I am giving them a wake up call. Nonetheless, my intention is clear that I am there to educate and provide guidance to the community. So lets relook on what is Needs and Wants.

It's that simple right? Yes?

Ask yourself these: 
1) "Do I need or want this?"
2)"Do I have enough to buy this?"
3)"Do I have enough after buying this?"
4)"Will there be any repercussions/consequences, if I buy this?"

If you answer:
1) Need
2)Yes, enough
3) Yes, still enough
4) No repercussions/consequences, in fact, it improves my life.
= Go ahead and buy.

If you answer:
1) Want
2) No
3) No
4) Yes, it will worsen my situation.
= Stop! Keep your wallet/purse/money/cards, turn your body around and walk out of the shop 
or you see that X in a red colour box at the corner of your online shopping screen? Click that.

Every individual just need to practice self-control with themselves. Control the urge to spend unnecessarily.

Moving on, during the event, I highlighted about the various Life Plan and Financial Plan for different stages of life.

Every stage in life, savings is very important. Without savings, it is not advisable for individuals to pursue insurance or investments as it is deemed as risky. Your savings are actually your backup when things do not go as planned.

Been repeating this sentence alot of times in my blog, fb page and when meeting people/clients: SAVINGS is Important.

Now you repeat this: Savings is important. Savings is important. Savings is important.

So what's next after this?

Stay tuned to the next blogpost to know how you can actually take action on your life plan and financials, as per what I have shared during my public speaking session.

Till we meet again. Insyaallah. Aamiin.


An article content contribution by myself. 
Note: I am a finance blogger, former financial planner, former personal banker and former business development executive.

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