Part 5:Public Speaking Experience @ Menjana Masa Depan Yang CerahForum @ NKF Kim Keat Road, 15 November 2015.

12/21/2015 11:44:00 am


Assalammualaikum everyone! Here is the final summary of the forum. Thank you for patiently waiting for the complete set of my summary of the forum. I hope all of you have gained some knowledge through my experiences and enjoyed reading them.

So here goes to the final summary which will be the Conclusion (Overview).

In Conclusion, as a human, we have to lead a simple life, learn to help one another, stay happy with your family by your side and live according to religious and country laws. This creates a harmonious life, so that in times when you need help, people will willingly help you. 

Sorry but I have been repeating this, but because I care for my blogreaders,  I shall repeat my mantra: Save 10% of your Salary for your Emergency Savings, which is 6 months worth of monthly expenses. 

Be smart when spending for your expenses, plan out your monthly expenses at the beginning of the month, track your daily expenditure and then review your monthly expenses at the end of the month and ensure that you cut down on the unnecessary expenses. Yes, I know that most of you would be groaning because of the tedious steps you have to do. Always remember, something good for you, doesn't come easy. One has to be discipline and put in efforts in order to be successful. Make sure you are being consistent.

Once you have the basics such as Emergency Savings, proceed on to do Investments. When you receive profits, don't forget to pay your Zakat of 2.5% and donate some money to the needy. 

Ensure that you have also start planning for your Wealth Distribution. Keep in mind that one day when you are not around, make it a clear cut kind of wealth distribution so as to provide miscommunication. This is where you should have instilled good life values in your spouse and children at the very start when the family is young. Ensure that they are taught to be grateful with what have been given to them and not be greedy.

Last but not least, I have been harping about the importance of your financial planning, as this is important especially when you are feeling unwell, a sick person spends more money as compared to a healthy individual.

Would you want to worry when you are having lack of funds when you are sick? No?

Then why wait? When you can actually take actions and start planning now before its too late.

It's your responsibility to ensure that your life are in order. Not others. Other people around you, who really cares, have limited capability to help you. The only one who can help you is yourself.

With this, I seek forgiveness for my lacking in writing, the mistakes I made, is from myself, and the good and knowledge is from Allah. Till we meet in the next blogpost, if God permits. Aamiin.


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