Bonjour 2016! A Fresh New Beginning.

1/21/2016 02:28:00 am


Assalammualaikum my dear blogreaders.

I would like to wish a Happy New Year (not too late to wish right?). It is common that most of us already have a new year resolution before the new year comes. Have you started on your journey to accomplish your goals? Is adjusting your income and expenditures part of your goals for this year? Are you looking into achieving in other aspects of life?

Ultimately, it all goes back to each individual. Begin with yourself first. Since it is only the 3rd week of 2016, start off by writing your plans leading to your goals.

For example for myself: I would like to keep fit and healthy and at the same time to minimise cost on food as I am currently juggling between work, school and blogging. This year shall be more on seeking self-improvement in every aspect of life.

Things I do:
1) Pack lunch and dinner (on school days). Not forgetting some light snacks (usually nuts and raisins)
2) Exercise and constantly hydrate myself.
3) List down in my To Do List of the things I need to do.
4) Track my income and expenses on excel spreadsheet, and ensure that I do not spend unnecessarily (this is important, especially Uni fees need to be paid before each Trimester).
5) Plan my mission to seek self-improvement.

Sample of my home-cooked lunch/dinner box.

Healthy snacks are usually nuts and raisins.

Ultimately, you have to be happy with the things you plan to do. Your happiness is important in the long run, in order to reach your ultimate goal in life. There is limitation to happiness, as you have to be mindful on every aspects that may affect your life and others. Keep your mental, physical and spiritual in check.

Speaking about seeking self-improvement, I am currently assisting my friend/mentor to reach out to all of you to come join her Money Management workshop. It's not too early nor too late to start managing your financials right? Why wait later when you can actually manage it well now, so that at the end of the day, you will feel at ease, knowing that your financials are in order. 

Check out I-Finance Journey FB for two upcoming workshops/seminars: 
1) WoW (Money Management)
2)Accelerating Business Growth.

I hope we will all benefit from both workshops/seminars.

Happy. Healthy. Fit. Smart. - my tagline for 2016

Till we meet again in the next blog post. Fi hifzillah (May Allah protect you).

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