The Journey

8/14/2015 07:34:00 am

Assalammualaikum everyone! 
In my previous blogpost, I mentioned about my journey. I was a personal banker and then proceed on to be a business development executive, after which i embarked on a new journey on a basis to understand Accounting. Why accounting? Because it is interrelated to one another and I also discovered about Islamic Accounting.

Let's talk about my journey as a Personal Banker for one of the banks serving Islamic Banking. It was alhamdulillah an enjoyable and an eye-opening experience on what is Islamic Banking. As a Personal Banker, I was entrusted to manage a big pool of clients, in terms of providing my dedicated knowledge, attention and service to my dear clients, for their financial planning needs. I met a wide range of clients, ranging from the youngest of age to the oldest of age, from the lower income to the higher income, all walks of life. Ever wonder what is financial planning like for every stages of life? I will cover it in further detail in my next blogpost, in continuation to my old post here.

My journey as a Business Development Executive, in the same bank was also a challenging one. As a Business Development Executive, I am required to identify and reach out to the key person of various companies to establish relationship and introduce Islamic Banking to these companies, through various events doing networking and also company visits. Networking is definitely a strong tool of communication in reaching out to more people in the community. Wondering how and what does Islamic Banking benefits companies? It will be covered in my future blogpost.

Over the past year, I discovered about Islamic Accounting during my short incentive business trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum (KLIFF) 2014, where I saw a book on Islamic Accounting. The fact that my love for Accountancy have never die ever since I recently embraced Finance during my Polytechnic years. What's the hype about Islamic Accounting? Keep Calm and Wait for future blogpost.

I would like to invite all my dear loyal blogreaders, new and old, to continue looking forward to my future blogpost and continue to provide me with your support. May Allah bless you the knowledge that you are seeking through my blog. Aamiin. New blogpost will be out every Monday and Friday of the week. Stay tuned!


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My objective of creating this page is to reach out to more people, to educate about Islamic Finance and Individual Finance, share tips on financial planning and also be able to answer to everyone's queries. So, feel free to share this page and ask me questions. Let's share the knowledge and practice them together. In syaa Allah. Aamiin.