Will You Marry Me?

8/24/2015 11:28:00 pm

Assalamu'alaikum everyone! As promised in my previous post, I will be writing about Getting Married. May Allah bless us with a righteous spouse and marry them because of Allah. This post is based on various interviews that I have done with my parents, cousins, close friends and a handful of my young clients. Not only that, I did some research by reading up online and also visit the wedding booths at Singapore Expo to get the market prices of all the Wedding expenses. This blogpost is solely for reference for soon-to-be brides/grooms and for singles out there who wish to prepare themselves in terms of financial.

I am sure that getting married is a huge step in everyone's life. I may not have experience it now, but from doing my own dream wedding plans and going through research on my own and doing interviews, I felt that before saying "I do", each one of us have to be mentally prepared that planning a wedding is fun, yet serious (especially when money goes out of your pocket). Not only that, an individual have to be committed and believe that their partner is the One. Because I have seen some couples broke apart just afew months before their Big Day.

So lets start with the Wedding Expenses.

1. Wedding Venue ($2k+): 
The question is, are you both doing Combine Wedding or Separate?

2. Bridal ($5k+): 
I strongly feel that you don't really need so many outfits right? One for Solemnisation (I suggest that if you can go tailor made your outfit, will be cheaper or buy your own outfit, outside your wedding outfit package), One for afternoon wear and One before the end of the whole Wedding ceremony. This depends on your Wedding itinerary.

3. Photographer ($2.5k+):
Try cut cost by not opting for Pre-Wedding Shoot. Opt for wedding shoot and post-wedding shoot only. Or best get your family members to take for you.

4. Videographer ($3k+): 
You only marry once in a lifetime, find a trusted videographer and affordable price. Or you actually do not need one, because ask yourself, how many times will you be watching your Wedding video?

5. Wedding Guest List (Invitation Cards) ($1k+): 
This is one tricky issue here. I suggest you stick to inviting those who you are close with, those who keep in touch with you, people who have seen you through thick or thin, most importantly your relatives. Remember to limit yourself to how many pax you wish to invite as this may affect your Wedding Venue and also Catering. You can actually design your own card and then send it for printing, it is way cheaper (This for those who are artistic).
6. Entertainment ($1.5k+): 
Kompang Procession/DJs? I have seen some weddings only have music playing throughout in the background.

7. Catering ($20k+)

8. Henna Art ($250): 
Get your friend or your family members to do it for you. Cheaper. :)

9. Marital Gift Exchange ($2.5k+):
You do not need to get branded goods. Keep in mind that you need lots of money after your wedding.

10. Wedding Cake ($400)

11. Bridal Bouquet ($100)

12. Bridemaids/Groomsmen ($500): 
Seriously people? Why do you need alot people to assist you? I remember when I was still young, there is only one best man and one bridesmaid helping the bride and groom.

13. Door Gift ($1.5k+): 
Try finding cheaper options for Door Gifts. A Door Gift should either be something edible (chocolates,wafer,egg,sweets) or something that is functional (eg.nail clipper, towel).

14. Wedding Band ($3k+): 
You will be wearing this for the rest of your life.

15. Decoration ($3.5k+)

16. Dowry ($10k+): 
This depends on the bride/groom. This is a gift from the groom to the bride. (Exclude from wedding expenses.)

17. Bus Rental ($120)

Total Expenses: $42k+

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said: "The most blessed nikah is the one with the least expenses." (Bayhaqi)

May Allah ease all soon-to-be brides and grooms in their process of planning for their wedding. Aamiin. For those single people out there (especially myself), time to do some research and save up before you find your Mr Right/Ms Right. It is never too early to save up, because you will feel less stress when you already have money in hand.

Look out for my next blogpost on Friday, 28 Aug 2015. In syaa Allah till we meet again. Aamiin.


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