Entrepreneurial Journey Part 1...

9/21/2015 09:16:00 pm

Assalammualaikum everyone.

This is a continuation to my last Friday's blogpost. Have all of you thought through what it takes to be an Entrepreneur? Try ranking the importance of each statements.

Here is my idea of ranking it:
1) Get closer to the Creator. (Always have Allah first mentality, because, when you prioritize Allah, Allah will ease our affairs.)
2) Get to stretch myself. (It is important that we know our capability of stretching beyond our comfort zone.)
3) Help our community. (Be an agent of change, and it all starts with your community.)
4) Help improve the world. (After you are done with starting small, then you can take charge in making the world a better place for everyone)
5) Regain control on my incomes. (You need to balance between company profits, salary for your employees and yourself.)
6) Create my own ideal lifestyle. (You are your own boss. But always remember that being an entrepreneur, requires dedicated time and effort.)

After you are done ranking, stick through with your intentions. When you face problems during your entrepreneurship journey, keep in mind, why do you first intend to set up a business.

Here is the next tips I can provide to new and old entrepreneurs:
1) Identify the problem faced in the current society. Find ideas for the solution.
2) Do a SWOT analysis. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats.
3) Find out the statistics to support your business idea whether is it feasible to do business of your choice or you have to tweak it.
4) Figure out your marketing plan. Marketing don't really need to be too high end if you are still new to business. For a start, why not try the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc?
5) Set a business target, where you aim to hit your point of breakeven. Majority of the business out there breakeven as early as 3 months. It all depends on the demand and supply (economics).

Done all of the above? You are all set for my next blogpost on Friday 25th September 2015. I will touch on the financial aspects of business. See you soon! Insyaallah. Aamiin.


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  1. Nice post hanah. You make it sound so easy. Like you are already a millionaire. "Want to stert a business simple..do this this this"..hahaha..but its true..the steps are simple but not many people know how to apply.

    Then again our prophet encourage usbto do business because of the wisdom and experience will make us mature and get closer to Allah if we have a pure purpose. Goodluck with your goals too!



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